...dreams are like rainbows, only idiots chase them...

joi, 7 aprilie 2011


She goes there again and like enery time,she repeats the same words "I'm here again.I came to see you every day since then.To see if he came back.It seems like no matter how many times I come,you will not listen to my wish...Yes,like that time.If you really are who you are, then grant my wish...You can't do it,right?Which means,you're not what you pretend to be.That's why the day when he disappeard is just a dream.He's jus a normal guy...I'm not a magician,or witch or something else,I'm just a normal girl who wants to always be together with the person she loves...That's why I won't do what you wish.Even if you want me to forget him,I will never forget him!Even if I have to wash my face with tears every day...That's all." And she leaves.
The other girl who saw her was full of sadness : "Can't you do anything?There's already such a strong sense of feelings!There are feelings that cannot be destroyed by magic!When people think of each other,it creates power, allowing desires to be granted,allowing prayers to come true.Dreams and wishes...They will come true if it's stong enough!All these are small shattered feelings for treasuring someone...The feelings of these children...All they receive is sadness!How can they not receive any happines?!It's too weird!Thats why...Thats why...I beg you , let these feelings become miracles!When I'm still concious...Please!(crying she continued)Let everyone's feelings...and wishes...come true!"

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